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The firs The review includes best practices fo Commissioner Therrien and his provincial and territorial counterparts are stressing the need to address privacy risks related to information sharing and collection of metadata; raising concerns about government proposals on police access Cyberattacks have become an increasingly common threat to information security and privacy. Often these attacks are accompanied by a threat to make the stolen information public. Cette semaine, la Société des l Le commissaire est satisfait de la nouvelle procédure policière qui prévient la communication de renseignements sur les tentatives de suicide aux autorités frontalières américaines TORONTO Ontario 12 juillet — Le Bureau In fact, Ontario law permits pr Toronto, May 26, — Ontarians expect their governments and broader public sector organizations to embrace new technologies for the effective and efficient delivery of programs and services.

These technologies can be implemented i The letter outlines how the Recently, there have been a number of privacy breaches wher We join our voices to the thousands of Canadians in expre Public Professional Skip Navigation. Search IPC Decisions.

Please use a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 is not at all important, 7 is extremely important and 4 is somewhat important. In your opinion, how seriously does the federal government take its responsibility to protect citizen personal information? Please use a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 is not at all seriously, 7 is extremely seriously and 4 is somewhat seriously.

And on the same scale, how seriously do businesses take their responsibility to protect consumer personal information? Please use a 7 point scale where 1 means not at all concerned, 7 means extremely concerned, and the mid-point 4 means somewhat concerned.

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How concerned are you about the impact of new technologies on your privacy? Please use a 7 point scale where 1 means not at all concerned, 7 means extremely concerned and the mid-point 4 means somewhat concerned.

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Are there any new technologies that you are particularly concerned about with respect to privacy issues? If so, which ones? How would you rate your ability to take the appropriate precautions to protect your personal information and ensure that using the Internet is as safe and secure as possible? Please use a 7 point scale where 1 means very poor, 7 means very good and the mid-point 4 neither good nor bad.

Radio frequency identification or RFID tags use wireless technology and are designed to allow things to be tracked and monitored.

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When installed in products, they allow companies to keep track of products in warehouses and retail stores. These tags may still be active after the items have been purchased and taken out of a retail store. Before this survey, have you ever read or heard about radio frequency identification tags?

To what extent are you concerned about the impact this new technology might have on your privacy? Nanotechnology involves developing materials or devices on an ultra small scale. In the near future, this technology will make it possible to make surveillance devices that are smaller than a grain of sand. Before this survey, have you ever read or heard about nanotechnology?

Genetic testing examines a person's DNA to determine if that person has or will develop a certain disease or could pass a disease to his or her offspring. What privacy issues related to genetic testing are of particular concern to you? Would you say you generally support or oppose the use of genetic testing by health insurance companies to determine who to insure or how much to charge? Please use a 7 point scale where 1 means strongly oppose, 7 means strongly support and the mid-point 4 means neither support nor oppose.

How confident are you that new security measures at borders and airports, for example result in increased safety and security? Please respond on a 7-point scale where 1 means not at all confident, 7 means extremely confident and the mid-point 4 means moderately confident. As you may be aware, law enforcement and security agencies in Canada are subject to privacy laws that place restrictions on the collection, storage and sharing of personal information. How confident are you that law enforcement and security agencies in Canada adhere to these privacy laws?

By identity theft, we mean the unauthorized collection and use of your personal information, usually for criminal purposes e. How concerned are you personally about the issue of identity theft? Requested to see personal information about yourself that is kept by government. Requested to see personal information about yourself that is kept by a business. How comfortable are you with sharing personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, or financial information for each of the following.

Please use a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 is not at all comfortable, 7 is extremely comfortable and 4 is neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. Online transactions such as online banking, purchasing products or services over the Internet, etc? Loyalty programs, such as Air Miles, reward programs at gas stations, or credit cards which allow you to collect points? Use passwords that contain random numerals and letters and are difficult to guess? Look for the padlock symbol at the top or bottom of your browser, which indicates you are using a secure site? Do you use passwords to protect information on your portable digital devices, such as your Blackberry or cell phone?

Sometimes, personal information that is held by a company about their customers might be compromised, either due to criminal activity or due to a flaw in the company's security system. If a company were to experience a breach involving your personal information, which of the following best describes your views? Would you say that companies should be required to Have you ever experienced a serious incident where your personal information was used inappropriately or released without your consent such as credit card information?

Do you carry sensitive documents with you daily, such as your SIN card, passport or birth certificate in your wallet or purse? Do you keep track of when your credit card and banking statements should arrive each month and inquire if they do not arrive on time? Do you review all credit card and bank statements to make sure there are no unauthorized purchases?

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Do you shred or destroy documents containing personal information, such as credit card offers, insurance and loan applications, bills and credit card receipts? Are you concerned about businesses or organizations transferring your personal information for processing or storage outside of Canada?

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Have you ever actively sought out information about your privacy rights, for example by contacting an organization, visiting a Web site, or reviewing a publication for guidance? Do you believe that political parties and politicians should be subject to legislation setting out rules for how they collect and handle your personal information? Which of the following types best describes your current household? In what year were you born? May I place your age into one of the following general age categories? Do you consider yourself to belong to any of the following groups?

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This concludes the survey. Thank you for your participation. Bonjour, je m'appelle Nous effectuons un bref sondage au nom du gouvernement du Canada sur un certain nombre de questions d'actualité. La participation est tout à fait volontaire et toutes les réponses seront traitées de façon absolument confidentielle.

Ce sondage s'adresse à des personnes de 16 ans et plus qui sont des résidents permanents du Canada. Puis-je commencer? Connaissez-vous des institutions fédérales qui aident les Canadiens à protéger leur vie privée et leurs renseignements personnels contre toute cueillette, utilisation ou divulgation faite à mauvais escient? Comment évalueriez-vous votre connaissance de vos droits en matière de vie privée en vertu des diverses lois fédérales et provinciales qui protègent vos renseignements personnels?

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Diriez-vous qu'elle est très mauvaise, mauvaise, ni bonne ni mauvaise, bonne ou très bonne? Dans votre vie quotidienne, comment évaluez-vous votre façon de protéger vos propres renseignements personnels? Veuillez indiquer dans quelle mesure vous êtes d'accord ou non avec chacun des énoncés suivants, selon une échelle de 7 points où 1 veut dire pas du tout d'accord, 7, tout à fait d'accord et le point milieu, 4, ni d'accord ni en désaccord. J'ai l'impression que mes renseignements personnels sont moins bien protégés au quotidien qu'il y a dix ans. Nous traitons ces données personnelles afin de nous conformer à nos obligations légales, d'identifier nos clients et de signaler toute transaction inhabituelle comme les paiements en espèces ou les transferts d'argent vers des pays à haut risque.

De plus, dans le cadre des lois applicables en matière de lutte contre le blanchiment d'argent et le terrorisme, nous disposons d'un registre interne d'avertissement et de surveillance qui n'est utilisé que par nous et nos sociétés du groupe et partenaires. Si, pour des raisons de contrôle des risques, nous décidons d'inclure des informations vous concernant dans ce registre, nous vous en informerons.

A cet égard, nous pouvons être amenés à traiter les informations suivantes vous concernant :. Pour le traitement de ces données personnelles, nous comptons sur nos intérêts légitimes pour protéger nos biens et nos activités. Enfin, dans le cadre de notre relation client, nous pouvons être amenés à traiter les informations suivantes relatives à nos clients contacts de nos clients :.

Nous traitons ces données personnelles afin d'exécuter les services que nous rendons à nos clients. Cela signifie que si le client est une personne physique, nous basons notre traitement sur la nécessité d'exécuter le contrat conclu avec la personne concernée et si le client est une personne morale, sur nos intérêts légitimes à exécuter le contrat conclu avec le client qui n'est pas la personne concernée elle-même.

Le cas échéant, nous partagerons vos données personnelles avec nos sociétés affiliées, le Centre néerlandais de déclaration des transactions inhabituelles en néerlandais: Meldpunt Ongebruikelijke Transacties , la Cellule de renseignement financier belge CTIF-CFI , la Cellule de Renseignement Financier de Luxembourg en anglais: Financial Intelligence Unit , les agences de recouvrement et les tiers, lorsque cela est nécessaire aux fins décrites ci-dessus ou lorsque ces tiers nous aident à cet égard.

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Les destinataires de vos données personnelles peuvent être situés dans des pays en dehors de l'Union européenne UE et de la Suisse CH , pays qui peuvent offrir un niveau de protection des données inférieur à celui du pays dans lequel nous sommes établis. Par exemple, il se peut que nous ayons besoin d'engager une agence de recouvrement de créances établie en dehors de l'UE ou de la Suisse, par exemple si vous ou votre société êtes basés dans un pays hors UE et en dehors de la Suisse.

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